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This is the very first Draco/Hermione LJ community to be created! It's small, and slightly less well-known than some of the D/Hr communities that came later, but that just makes us more close-knit. :D

This community was made for the purpose of discussing all things related to the relationship between Draco and Hermione. You can post fanfiction, fanart, wallpapers, icons, essays, or just talk about why you think they should be together or discuss possible scenarios in which this can happen.

We're a friendly community, always open to anyone and everyone! Join and have some fun!

Your friendly maintainers are archica and lone_wolf_84

There ARE a few small rules:

1.) Adult/NC-17 fanworks are VERY welcome, but please link to them or put them behind a cut. Be sure to provide warnings about what they contain!

2.) Feel free to post images such as fanart, cosplay photos (Draco and/or Hermione only please!), wallpapers, images from the movies, etc. Just be sure to put them behind a cut.

3.) If you want to share some icons, please do not post more than ten without placing them behind a cut.

4.) If you are looking for a particular fanfic, please go ahead and post. I'm sure someone here can help you. Try to describe as many details as you can without spoiling the fanfic for anyone else who may take an interest in it.

5.) Do NOT advertise or promote other communities, role plays, websites, conventions, etc. The only time this is allowed is when it is DIRECTLY related to the pairing of DracoxHermione. So yes, you are free to advertise DraxHerm fansites or communities. Just not general HP sites (this includes general Draco sites and general Hermione sites).

6.) If it wasn't already clear, please keep all posts related to this pairing. That means keep all discussion and sharing of images/fanworks related to DraxHerm.


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