Renee (eilonwy1) wrote in dracoxhermione,

HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

Voting for the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards on LJ is currently underway, with fics in several main categories.

I am very pleased and honored that three of my fics have been nominated in the Dramione section. However, there is an ongoing problem with the link posted for "Unfenced Fire" in the Best Het Smut category (it's also nominated under Best Romance). The current link takes readers to a completely different story. I haven't been successful in getting hold of the mods to fix the mistake. So, for the record, here is the correct link for "Unfenced Fire," for anyone who is interested in checking it out:

at AO3:

at H&V:

(All my fics are also posted at AO3, in case there is a problem accessing them at H&V.)

There are lots of great fics this round in every category, and I urge everyone to go and read and then vote for your favorites! Happy reading!
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