Renee (eilonwy1) wrote in dracoxhermione,

New round-robin fic

A group of us were recently having a light-hearted discussion via email about the recent Scottish vote for independence. We were wondering how the split would affect the wizarding world, particularly in terms of its governance. Well of course, Hermione had to be involved in the discussion, and where Hermione goes, Draco always turns up sooner or later. Finally, after several of us had them shagging on the new Minister for Magic's desk, we decided to actually write the story, round-robin style, and see just what else our favorite couple would do. Eilonwy, Captainraychill, and UnseenLibrarian jumped headfirst into the writing pool and here is the result. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Note: The story will be posted shortly under the nom de plume “CaptainEilonwyUnseen” at H&V.

Find it here as well:
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